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Mike McGuire

 I am the new owner of Western Fiber, having taken over operations in 2013 after working for Western Fiber since 1992. Western Fiber is a unique company offering a complete operation: Research and Development, Resource management, Recycling, Manufacturing Insulation, Equipment and Installer training since 1976.


In the early 1970’s after a year in Alaska and three years as a carpenter I moved to Humboldt County, California. I’ve had the opportunity to travel the west throughout my youth, which created a deep respect for the regions natural beauty and cultural diversity. Living in Redwood country was a defining time for me. This was my beginning of a lifelong quest. I was involved in restoration and construction as well as working in and around old growth timber.

I felt I was Humbolt County Homegrown. I was determined to find a local/sustainable wood and fiber product. A short list: waste wood, small diameter timber, paper mill waste, sheetrock waste recovery, agricultural products including cotton gin trash, wheat straw and industrial hemp.

The 1980’s was a period of development in the U.S., during this time I relocated to Washington State. I was involved in energy programs with Bonneville Power Administration and WA state in developing weatherizing and solar programs.

 During this time I worked with Ecotope developing insulation strategies for high performance building, both new and existing structures. This led to my involvement in the start-up of the green building in the North West. In 1992 I was hired by Harriet Bullitt of the Bullitt Foundation in Seattle. I worked in restoration in a design/build project “Sleeping Lady”, consulting directly with Jones and Jones Architects Seattle, Washington. Sleeping Lady was in the first group of AIA COTE projects. Another notable client was Johnathan Rose Companies, New York, and their project “The Burnham Green Library and Affordable Housing. Western Fiber has completed numerous projects for Johnathan Rose Companies. An additional list of clients is available upon requests.


2013 was the beginning of the Industrial Hemp Industry. Ryan Loflin of Rocky Mountain Hemp leading the way. The close proximity of Western Fiber to Rocky Mountain Hemp and common interests in sustainable agriculture. This led to a great friendship and the startup of a joint venture between our companies. Western Fiber is currently developing industrial hemp fiber including cotton waste, forestry waste and char for use in construction and insulation materials. Patenting of these processes is available upon request.

Ryan Loflin

Rocky Mountain Hemp (RMH) is an agricultural company based out of Springfield, Colorado, that focuses on industrial hemp farming. In 2103, RMH was the first incorporated company to grow, harvest and process a commercial hemp crop in Colorado in over four decades. We are currently developing seed varieties for the ever-expanding American hemp industry on our 900 acre farm on the southeastern plains of Colorado. By leading the industrial hemp farming industry, RMH is committed to aiding family farmers in small towns across America.


Western Fiber has also been a livestock feed formulator throughout their history. With our innovative and unique products, RMH and WF plan on being leaders in the newly developing American hemp building material industry.

Wade Atteberry of Tiny Hemp Homes

“This is going to be big time  in the construction industry! A monolithic double stud wall with a monolithic hemp spray insulations” -Wade Attebury

Matt Burn

Welcome to Western Fiber! How may I help you?

Chief Development Officer

Aleksandra Tercjak

 I became a part of WF quite serendipitously in the fact that I was already in the hemp & cannabis field and I was looking to figure out how to exactly use the fibers for what Western Fiber is already doing, using it for building material.

I was then introduced to Matt Burn who welcomed me in with the team and have been trekking forward each day since to bring awareness and showcase the amazing things we can accomplish with materials that are already growing on our Earth.


I have been involved with the cannabis field for some time now, owning a hemp farm in Medellin, Colombia and a Dispensary in Oklahoma City, , Everythings Ok Farms. My dispensary is currently in partnership with a fellow from Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Harman Chopra who is researching the use of CBD in a time release patch for combatting opioid addiction.


I became interested in the real estate development using hemp as the building material and had no idea where to begin, luckily I found these amazing gentlemen who have been developing their formulas and strategies for decades and can now proceed to building a sustainable, carbon negative and weather resilient future.

The houses we plan to build will be for anyone to purchase but we will also be looking to help our nations veterans and to combat homelessness with housing as we develop a program for them as well.


If you have any questions, inquiries, interest in investing in the company, sponsoring veteran housing , or being part of our furthering research please feel free to reach out to me at any time at aleksa@westernfibers.com.