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Western Fibers Inc. started buisness in 1977.  The energy crisis found many cellulose plants starting up at the same time.  Paul Horton (owner) saw a need to perfect the Wet Wall spray material that was available at that time and after many months of trying different blends of cellulose and additives he started producing Wallkote.  Wallkote is still one of our most popular materials as the drying time is greatly reduced over normal cellulose insulation.  Wallkote is a patented product and is still unique in the industry.

Paul Horton also saw need in a better insulation machine and started designing and building his own machines.  The first succesfull machine was the Super Champ and many are still in use today.  The second was the Champ Jr. that had reduced size to allow the entire machine to be placed in the center of new construction, however this machine also had superior mixing capabilities for wet wall spraying.  The extended Champ Jr and the Comet grew out of the Champ Jr. idea.  Both have a little larger hopper capacity and increased output when blowing attics.  The Comet has an available vaccum unit for returning the excess wet back to the machine. Paul Horton owns patents on all these machines also.